6.2.4 New programs icons in the icon template.
Developping the OS X Mac version: can't edit Userforms in Word 2016 for OS X.
Thanks for participating in the development. Send your requirements for a new version.

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We have switched back to the former installation: first of all we have encountered a lot of problem with Windows 10 and we have had to connect to many user computers to install the template manually, then the previous AddIn installation prevented some function to work correctly.

This former installation expose us again to piracy: 360 new users of Math-Science since march 2013 and to the 420 updates of previous licence, we expect our users to be honest and continue to support us by paying their licence.

Recent news

2016 04 09

Math-Science version 6.2.4 - Former installation without internet connection
Bug correction in the Icons template.

2016 04 07

Math-Science version 6.2.3 - Former installation without internet connection
Add TI 83 keys in the Icons template.

2016 03 08

Math-Science version 6.2.2 - Former installation without internet connection
Updates in the Icons template.

2016 02 22

Math-Science version 6.2.1 - Former installation without internet connection

2016 02 18

Rally 4L Trophy leaving from Algesiras with our Team
Good luck!

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