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Will be released soon: an add-in to insert the icons from REGRESSI, GEOGEBRA, SINEQUANON, EUROSMART, LATISPRO, MODULIS, AVISTEP, AVIMECA... to ease writing how-to guides

Scidot's template allows Math & Science (STEM) teachers to easily create high quality teaching worksheets.

Recent news

2014 06 23

Math-Science version 4.2
Add a simplified equation editor.

2014 06 06

Math-Science version 4.1.1
Bug correction in X-values centered position in graphing function.

2014 05 13

Math-Science version 4.1
Better text and number position in variation tables and tables of signs.

2014 05 06

Math-Science version 4.0
New interface with large icons
Display numbers either with the Math Equation Editor or with Fields Codes
New options for the oscilloscope
Add 'Insert Expression' to the text context menu.

2014 04 08

Math-Science version 3.7
Add new capability to the Math graph grid: scale for the x-axis and the y-axis.