New : a new optical bank to draw rays through one or two lens - include usual optical object

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To add new capabilities to the Math-Science template, internet connection is now compulsery.

Internet connection is required to install dotNet FrameWork 4 or 4.5. The operating mode without internet access is no longer possible. The activation key must be entered when installing or in the Activation/License dialog box. It is possible to work without internet access for 15 consecutive days after which you must reconnect to the internet otherwise the model will be blocked.

Recent news

2015 10 19

Math-Science version 6.1.5
Technical editing

2015 09 19

Math-Science version 6.1.2
New features in the optical bank.

2015 09 15

Math-Science version 6.1.1
Add new module Lens for optical bank (one or two converging or diverging lens ; usual optical objects).

2015 07 1

New digital certificate for Scienc66-GDmath9 valid till 2020.

2015 07 09

Math-Science version 6.0.3
Compatible with Word 2016.

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